Thursday, June 05, 2008

You can’t plan on love, you can’t rationalize it, you can’t keep it, you can’t hold it. All you can do is enjoy it, and be with it, and live every minute as it comes to you. If you have love in your heart right now, enjoy it for the gift that it is, and if you have lost it or it has left you, enjoy it for what it was but let it go and clear your life and soul so that you may be available for next time that it comes.

And in the meanwhile, enjoy the path. Without the bad, how would we know the good? Life is lived on a spectrum. We need difficult times in order to recognize the great times.

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Gem said...


I was just surfing across blogs and came across this post. There's nothing like time, fate, karma and just living the life you have to highlight the profundity and truth of these statements.

These are themes that have become more apparent to me in the last few years. I love the way they're expressed. Are these your words or a quote?

I admire a good turn of phrase.